Divine Intervention? The Game Changes His Album Title To “Jesus Piece”



Creativity has taken on a whole new meaning as the Game is scrapping his upcoming album’s original title from from, F.I.V.E: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution to the more spiritually minded, Jesus Piece.

MTV.com reports:

The album name change was brought on–not only by his collaboration with Kanye West on the now title track–but also Game’s renewed faith in God following his baptism over a year and a half ago.

Despite his reconnection with Christianity, Game tells Vibe that his fans shouldn’t have to worry about him losing that street edge that made them connect with him in the first place. Still, he feels that now he has the freedom to take chances with his music and according to him, his peers that have heard the album so far, from Weezy to Rick Ross to DJ Khaled, have agreed.

He has called this new album, a return to the “old Game,” and he hopes to take this album further than his breakthrough debut, The Documentary, but more from a lyrical standpoint. The album, which is still in the recording stages, also features collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, is scheduled for release sometime in late 2012.

Stay Tuned.