Mike Shand’s Lawyer Says Jay-Z Never Knew About Chicken Wing Lawsuit



As reported by MSDTV, Jay Z allegedly filed a lawsuit against his former personal chef for leaving the 40/40 club and taking his secret recipe for chicken wings with him without clearance.

Now the lawyer for the chef says Jay Z didn’t know anything about the chicken wing offense…

The NZ Herald  reports:

“The 40/40 management were probably out to get him for one reason or another because they’re poor managers,” Mike Shand’s lawyer Vik Pawar told the Herald on Sunday.

“I suspect Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t know about the existence of the lawsuit. When they heard about it they were like, ‘Mike’s a great guy, why is [the] management company suing him? I want you guys to drop this lawsuit.’ And that’s what happened.”

Shand was still a close friend of the two superstars, his lawyer said. “Mike did travel with Jay-Z and Beyonce for many years. They loved him and he loves them.”

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