The Aftermath: Did Usher Raymond Fix His Custody Case To Win Over Tameka? [Rumor]


Last week the rumor-mill was buzzing that Usher contacted his ex-wife Tameka and cruelly taunted her prior to their custody case ruling alleging that she was about to lose her sons.

Now that the verdict is out, Tameka is confirming the call took place in addition to other claims of Usher’s manipulation…

Tameka recently tweeted a link to an investigative report completed the Hip Hop Enquirer and acknowledged that report was accurate.

The Hip Hop Enquirer reports:

HHE uncovered that the court-appointed observer who testified that Tameka should be stripped of custody was chosen and paid for by Usher, and that that particular observer is known for siding with fathers in child custody cases.

HHE also revealed how media outlets filled the courtroom during Usher’s testimony but were largely absent during Tameka’s turn to rebut when testimony focused on Usher’s neglect.

HHE questions why media outlets chose to spin the hotly contested Saks Fifth Ave card as a charge card when it’s actually a discount card.

And lastly HHE confirms Tameka has Usher on tape taunting her about about the case.

Read the full report for more details.

Stay Tuned.