Say Word: Lupe Fiasco Offers A Revelation On “Bi*ch Bad” [Video]



Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has seemingly ignited a hot topic debate with his latest release “B***h Bad.”

Check out what all the drama is about after the break…

TheUrbanDaily explains:

The lead single from Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, “B***h Bad” discusses how the b-word winds up effecting our young people. Director Gil Green expertly intertwines the story of a young man and woman who go through life dealing with the effects of the word. When asked about the vision behind the video, Lupe Fiasco said, “I just wanted to have a conversation. It was more to just put it out in the world and see what happens.”

To drive the message home, Lupe dedicated the video to Paul Robeson and to the “many black actors who endured the humiliating process of blackface in America.” Many black actors who were forced to perform in blackface because there were no other roles available at the time.



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