Lauryn Hill Says No To Next Chapter Interview + Oprah Says She’s Working To Get Beyonce


Oprah Winfrey has been slowing climbing up the rating charts with her latest Next Chapter series focusing on pop stars and celebrities.

After getting Rihanna to tastefully open up on Sunday, most would have thought that any celebrity would have jumped at the opportunity to sit down with the media mogul.

Unfortunately Lauryn Hill wasn’t quite feeling the opportunity…

Emcee/singer Lauryn Hill was recently asked to be one of Oprah’s “Next Chapter” guests, but was surprising turned down by the Miseducation singer.

Lady O made the announcement on Twitter after someone asked that she get Hill on the show.

“Tried. She said no,” Winfrey replied.

Not to give up so easily on her ratings quest, Oprah is said to be trying to snag Beyonce for an upcoming Next Chapter interview.

During her Rihanna interview over the weekend, Oprah chatted with her Twitter followers about the behind the scenes segment.

When a fan suggested Oprah should interview Beyonce next, Oprah replied ‘Tryinnng’

We’re sure the bey-hive is a buzzing.
Stay Tuned.