Different Face, Same Story: Vanessa Bryant Denies Getting Any Work Done [Photo]



No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

That emotionless stare is the face of Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant who is vehemently claiming she had no work or plastic surgery done.

Don’t believe it? Either do we and here’s why…

The National Enquirer claims that the basketball wife grew very insecure about her relationship with the star player so she sought out a professional to look like his favorite fantasy.

A source explained the 30-year-old’s alleged insecurities saying, “She started freaking out over a few crow’s feet, and the next thing you know she was getting a full facial makeover… she is extremely insecure.  She’d do anything to keep Kobe happy.”

Vanessa’s camp says all that is totally bogus.

But if you take a look at her old photos and check out the most recent one, we think you’ll beg to differ.

Stay Tuned.