Janet Jackson Addicted To Prescription Pills Due To Jackson Family Drama [Rumor]


The rumor-mill is reporting that Janet Jackson is having a very difficult time dealing with the stress of the Jackson family feud and has recently started back up with prescription drugs and binge eating to gain some control..

In a desperate attempt to cope with her family’s bitter feuding, Janet Jackson has slipped into a life-threatening tailspin of binge-eating and popping diet pills.

“Everyone’s terrified she could wind up getting hooked on prescription drugs like her brother Michael,” a family insider told The Enquirer.

Concern for Janet escalated when the 46-year-old singer – who’s been linked to binge eating and diet pills in the past – was photographed showing a handful of prescription bottles to boyfriend Wissam Al Mana while aboard a yacht on a recent Italian vacation.

“Janet has admitted to having lifelong struggles with her weight and how her brothers contributed to her depression and insecurities by calling her a ‘cow’ and a ‘horse,'” said the insider.

“Janet is only 5-foot-4, but at one time she was more than 180 pounds! She’s just a very emotional person and food has always been the answer for the stress.”

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