Rihanna’s Former Accountants Fire Back At The Singer Saying She Was Her Own Financial Downfall



As reported by MSDTV, last month Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her former accountants claiming they ripped her off with excessive commissions and failed to keep her aware of the declining financial situation.

Well it looks like Rihanna’s claims didn’t sit too well with the accountants at they are firing back with they own version of what really went down…

According  TMZ:

Berdon LLP claims Rihanna knew full well the amount of the commissions they received and that Rihanna’s “own financial action or inaction” or the actions of others working for her caused Rihanna to lose millions, not them.

Berdon responded to the suit explaining Rihanna’s claims and lawsuit is a whole bunch of nonsense. Berdon adds they had every right to charge Rihanna 22% and not the regular 10% because she signed off on the contract when they entered into their agreement which gave them permission to take that much money. The accounting team is seriously sticking to their story that it was Rihanna’s “action or inaction” that caused her to lose money. They want the judge to rule in their favor and not award Rihanna any money.

A ruling has yet to come down from the judge as of yet.

Stay Tuned.