The Show Will Go On? VH1 Plans To Move Ahead With The Ev And Ocho Show


Although the future is still quite undetermined for reality star Evelyn Lozada and new husband Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson due to their recent altercation, VH1 has not put the breaks on their upcoming show.
If fact, they are still promoting it..
Chad and Eve’s reality show is scheduled to debut September 3rd on VH1 and it appears the show WILL still go on.

VH1 describes the project:

“Two separate lives in the spotlight have combined into a colossal upheaval of public scrutiny. Beyond the usual wedding drama all couples must face from choosing a dress and venue, to managing a guest list, and navigating through looming family drama, Chad and Ev have to deal with the often negative and always invasive tabloid press, social media criticism of their partnership, and much more, including Chad and Ev’s ongoing discussion about his female “friends”.

¬†Guess they saw it coming…
Stay Tuned.