Flavor Flav Owes The Government 1 Million Dollars In Back Taxes



Flavor Flav may be a reality show king, but his real life has just given him a major reality check.

The 53 year-old hype man owes nearly one million dollar in back taxes…

According the IRS, Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, owes nearly a million dollars in back taxes from 2004-2006.

Documents filed recently by the Department of the Treasury state that Flav shorted the government on his tax returns for the years that coincided with his return to prominence via reality TV.

Flavor Flav’s tax situation breaks down like this: he owes $52, 243.47 for 2004, $303,035.93 for 2005 and $550,971.16 for 2006. It comes to a grand total of $906,250.56!

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