Bobbi Kristina Looking To Make Paris Jackson A Part Of Her Reality Show [Rumor]



According to rumor-mill, Bobbi Kristina has reached out to Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris to guest star on her upcoming new reality show…

The National Enquirer  reports:

MICHAEL JACKSON’s defiant daughter PARIS has found an unlikely ally – WHITNEY HOUSTON’s daughter BOBBI KRISTINA!

The 19-year-old – whose dad is rapper Bobby Brown – reached out to Paris after watching TV reports of the headline-making Jackson family feud over the late King of Pop’s $500 million fortune, sources say.

Bobbi – known as Krissi to her friends – has also asked the 14-year-old aspiring actress to guest star on her Lifetime reality show, “The Houston Family Chronicles.”

“The two girls talked for hours and realized they had a lot in common,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “They both lost superstar parents at an early age, and their families are notorious for airing their dirty laundry in public.

“The girls now consider themselves friends, and Krissi has even invited Paris to be on her reality show. Paris said her Aunt Janet would hate it, but if she gets her grandmother Katherine’s permission, she’d love to do it.”

Stay Tuned.