Is Janet Jackson Upset At Paris’ Growing Status In The Jackson Family [Rumor]


Rumor has it that Janet Jackson is extremely jealous of her niece Paris and that the teenage is starting to have leverage over her..

 The National Enquirer  reports:

While the Jackson family wages an ugly public war, a behind-the-scenes feud is raging between Janet Jackson and her 14-year-old niece Paris!

“Janet is convinced Paris is out to steal her thunder, and she’s become intensely jealous of her,” a family insider told the Enquirer.

“Everybody thinks Janet is so meek and mild because she talks in almost a whisper during interviews. But the ‘real’ Janet is ruthless and an in-your-face type who doesn’t take any crap, especially from some head strong teen!

“Janet’s biggest gig lately has been the Nutrisystem endorsement,” noted the source. “She’s frustrated that she’s not a hot commodity anymore, and she feels Paris has taken her spot as the new Jackson princess.”

Stay Tuned.