Sparkle Premiers In Detroit, Aretha Franklin Makes A Diva-fied Appearance



In the essence of a true queen, Aretha Franklin made a extremely diva-fied appearance at the Detroit premiere of Sparkle — not feeling any remorse when she took out a whole row of fans so she could be front and center…

An insider from RhymeswithSnitch explains:

After a couple-hundred people filled the theater – some after waiting for as long as two hours, just to make sure they got good seats – the “queen” arrived about 10 minutes before star Jordin Sparks introduced the movie. Aretha waited while screening organizers and her personal handlers approached several people in one row, asking that they give up not one, but EIGHT seats for the “queen” and her entourage. After about five minutes, they found a group willing to give up all their spots and hike up the stairs to a place near the back of the theater. Aretha was the first to take one of the empty seats, making sure she was surrounded by her people on both sides, so she didn’t have to sit next to one of the commoners. For the first half-hour of the movie, she and her crew enjoyed snacks and finger food served to them by theater staff on actual dinner plates.

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