Emily B. Does Not Want To Be Compared To Mimi Faust, Says Fab Is Nothing Like Stevie J


Emily Bustamante from “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) does not want to be compared  to Mimi Faust  (“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”) – because her relationship with the rapper Fabolous – is nothing like Mimi’s relationship with Stevie J.

Or so she thinks..

HipHopWired.com reports:

“You know, I get a little upset when they compare characters because I’m nothing like any of those women,” Emily said. “My story is not like any of those stories. I don’t see Fab in any of those men in that show at all. No offense to them, but nobody knows [how it is].”

She added that no one really knows who Fab is because he’s a private dude and doesn’t put his life on Front Street like some of his peers.

“Y’all get to see the Stevie Js and the Lil’ Scrappys and nobody really knows who Fab is or what he does or what he’s about,” Emily stated. “People just make assumptions and it really bothers me because he was never on camera for you to make that assumption so people really don’t know.”

Emily did, however, say she can understand the difficulty of maintaining a solid relationship while in the industry.

She admits she felt for Mimi when they spoke, but some of her issues are so far removed from her own experience.

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