The Irony: Gabby Douglas’ Mother Filed For Bankruptcy Right Before Olympic Games



Gabby Douglas’ mother has a lot to be thankful about.

With her daughter winning Gold at the Olympics the proud mama will now be able to get out of some major debt…

According TMZ:

Documents were filed earlier this year in Virginia by Natalie Hawkins for Chapter 13.

The docs state Hawkins has assets totalling $163,706.10 and debt totaling $79,754.14.

Her creditors include:

Capital One — $1,534
Student loan — $4,350.23
Sprint — $158.78
T-Mobile — $413
Orthodontist in Iowa (where Gabby trained when she was 14) — $408

With the Chapter 13 filing, Hawkins has agreed to a monthly payment plan. She began making payments of $408/month back in February … to a trustee who will divy it up among her creditors.

However, with Gabby’s new found fame and the potential to make a greater income, it’s likely her mother will never have to worry about bankruptcy or money problems ever again.

Stay Tuned.