Is Deion Sanders Selling His Dallas Property To Pay His Ex, Pilar? [Photo]


According to TMZ, Deion Sanders desperately wants to liquidate his 5,000 sq. ft. condo in Dallas — as a way to subsidize his upcoming payments to his ex Pilar.

TMZ reports:

Deion listed the condo — located in the swanky celeb-filled Azure building — back in March … soon after his divorce from estranged wife Pilar went nuclear, when Pilar claimed Deion’s aunt has attached her in her own house.

Deion listed the home for $4.8 million — but according to a realtor for Azure, the property is valued at roughly $6.5 million. In fact, Deion’s neighboring unit is currently listed for exactly that amount.

And not only is he lowballing his own property, we’re told Deion’s doing some last minute renovations to speed up the sale — such as re-plastering the pool.

Good thing too … because this week, a judge ordered Deion to pay $10,000-a-month in child support and cough up another $275,000 for Pilar’s attorneys’ fees. 

Stay Tuned.