Floyd Mayweather & Rapper Mystikal Released From Prison – Possibly At The Same D**n Time [Photos + Video]


Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas early this morning (August 3rd) as scheduled for his two month stint.

Similarly, Mystikal is also a free man today after serving his two months in prison for violating his probation.


As reported by MSDTV Mayweather served two months stemming from pleading guilty to domestic battery charges. The welterweight boxing champ was originally supposed to serve three months but was let out early for good behavior, reports TMZ.

Not surprisingly, Mayweather was greeted by bff 50 Cent,  who recently became a licensed boxing promoter and partners with the boxer in TMT (The Money Team) Promotions.

Check out the video of Mayweather’s release below:



While Mayweather received a champion’s welcome back – Mystikal received a less than mediocre welcome form his release. The YMCMB rapper was freed from the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail in Louisiana early this morning where he had been incarcerated since May 14 according to TMZ.

Mystikal had spent the past 6 years in prison and after being free for only a couple of months, he was sent back with a misdemeanor charge stemming from a domestic abuse case.

“Disappointed isn’t the word for it — ashamed,” Mystikal told Billboard.com shortly before he turned himself in for his 81 day sentence.

“Everything I was doing, the 81 days was right there riding with me — in the SUV, come on, who’s that? My 81 days. Everywhere I went, it was keeping me in check, and it’s a fight. I can tell myself all kinds of things, I can sit there and mope, or I can get out and thank those fans the way I’m supposed to, the way they deserve to be thanked. So of course I am.”

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