She Wants That Old Thing Back: Erykah Badu Admits Andre 3000 Was The Love Of Her Life



Out of all the men you may encounter, there’s always that one.

And Erykah Badu admits that Andre 3000 was the creme de la creme..

As the story goes, Ms. Badu has three children with 3 baby fathers. Son Seven with Andre 3000, daughter Puma with rapper The D.O.C and youngest daughter Mars with Jay Electronica.

While Erykah is never one to hold her tongue when it comes to putting her baby daddies in check, she has rarely given much lip to her first beau – Andre 3 stacks.

For instance, when an angry fan went off on Andre for abandoning Erykah and their son, it was Badu who stood up for her absentee BD.

Erykah has also hinted that she’s still waiting on ‘Dre to come back.

Well, the obvious was recently stated in an interview with The Guardian¬†when Erykah was asked which piece of art she’d most like to own, a Basquiat or a Van Gogh?

And Eryah’s answer: Andre 3000.

And there it is…

Stay Tuned.