Bow-Wow Joins The Dead Beat Dad Club, Baby Mama’s Sister Says He Doesn’t Contribute At All + Update

Bow Wow is learning a tough lesson in what it means to be a father from his baby mother’s family.
It seems that the actor/rapper hasn’t quite stepped up on his fatherly duties..

Najah Chavis, Joie Chavis’ sister,  put Bow Weezy on blast saying that he hasn’t bought his daughter anything and that he has only seen the baby three times!

From Miss Jia.

Plus his dad also has some gripes as well:
In an open letter to Bow Wow entitled ‘A Father with Regrets’ Alfonso Moss asks the rapper to stop throwing him under the bus and airing dirty family laundry…
The letter reads in part”

…I actually thought that we were making positive steps to rebuild our relationship when we spoke last year during labor day weekend. I thought that call was going to be like it use to be when you and one of your girlfriends were together and you asked me how to cook tacos. We had a good boding moment. So, when you called me last year, I thought we were having a private conversation only to see the video on of you asking me “are you clean,” like I’m some kind of junkie or something. I am NOT a junkie, but I am an alcoholic. I have been struggling with this disease my entire adult life and I am sad to say that it has really messed our relationship up. But the picture you paint of me in the media is not right.

I am hurt that you would call your sisters out of their name. Did you realize that they were acting off of the video you put out first? You said you were upset for them lying and spreading family business. Do you realize that you put family business out there FIRST when you put our conversation on video for the world to see? If your sisters were lying, then they were not putting family business out there. If they were actually putting family business out there in the streets, then they were not lying, so which one is it? Were your sisters lying or putting family business in the streets?

I will be honest and tell you that I was offered to do a reality show, Celebrity Dad’s with Regrets. I wanted to do the show in order to rebuild our relationship. When we spoke on the phone last labor day weekend, I had a video camera on me as well. I did NOT have you on speaker phone, because I still wanted some sort of privacy with our conversation. Once we got off the phone and I had time to think, I realized that the thought of our relationship being rebuilt was far greater than any dollar amount for a TV show. I did sign the contract to do the show, but I backed out of the deal when I saw hopes of us reuniting and I didn’t want a reality show or money to get in the way of our father and son relationship. I am posting the video of my side of the conversation, so the world can see the TRUTH. That we had a good conversation and it was a happy moment for both of us and not the dark picture you painted. Lots of laughs and joking. Not you yelling at me “ARE YOU CLEAN?”

I had seen in an interview where you said that I sent you a letter and misspelled your name. Did you know that I named you and how I came up with your name? You know I am a big sports fan. I really liked the name Ahmad Rashad, well really just Rashad. But you know me, I have to put my own spin on it and took the “Ra” off and just left “Shad” for your name. Not only did I name you, I was there when you were born and signed your birth certificate. I hate that you make it seem as if I was never around at all.

Shad, I never asked you for anything, but I am asking for one thing now. Can you please stop throwing me under the bus and talking bad about me? I may be an alcoholic, but I never physically abused you. Keyshia Cole tried to help her Mother. Tyler Perry takes care of his family financially and he was sexually abused by some of them. All I am asking is that you stop dragging my name in the mud.

I wish you all the success,

Love Pops

Read the full letter with videos here

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