Michael Jackson’s Siblings And Their Children Are Banned From His Estate

The Jackson family drama just caught another twist.
While MJ’s kids were adamant about not letting Janet or Randy onto the estate in Calabasas last week, it appears that executors made it official as to banning certain family members off the property…

In an email obtained by Roland Martin, the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have effectively banned Janet, Rebbie, Randy, his children, Jermaine, his wife, their children and anyone else who was involved in isolating Katherine Jackson in Arizona last week.

The email reads in part:

“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,”

“There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”

 Stay Tuned.