OJ Simpson Says Oprah Winfrey Will Never Get An Interview From Him, Blames Her For His Incarceration


Oprah Winfrey is definitely not on OJ Simpson’s top 10 list.

He blames the media mogul on villianizing him to the public and says she’s the last person he’d give an interview to….

After Oprah revealed her most coveted interview would be with OJ Simpson and getting him confessing to the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman on her show, OJ gives the big O a reality check on that scenario.

Friends of OJ Simpson claim Oprah producers have been hounding him for his first interview from jail, but say the last person he’d ever give an interview to is Oprah Winfrey.

In a documentary about The Juice called “The Unpromotable”, OJ even partly blames Oprah for his incarceration for armed robbery.

One of the producers for The Unpromotable, Norman Pardo, says Oprah never had any pro-OJ guests on her show and in a trailer for the doc, OJ himself claims in a voice-over,

“‘Oprah Winfrey’ … [guests] would say something that everyone knew wasn’t true, and she wouldn’t get them on it,”

Pardo tells The NY Daily News 

“She dreams that O.J. comes on her show and confesses his sins, and that’s just sort of silly. That would be like Oprah going on Fox News and confessing how bad she ran OWN network. It’s not going to happen!”

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