SMH: Young Buck Brags About His Re-Sold Items And Buying Back His Jewelry [Photos + Video]


Rapper Young Buck apparently has a new ideology when it comes to his belongings… “if you can’t keep them, buy them back”.
And that’s exactly what the former G-Unit rapper did.
Last year Young Buck was cornered by the IRS for not paying taxes and was told they were going to auction off all his stuff .
And they weren’t joking.┬áThe IRS auctioned off everything belonging to the rapper: clothes, jewelry, fur coats, flat screen TVs, video games, recording equipment, hard drives – all in an effort to settle Buck’s $200,000 tax bill. The auction brought in $53,000.
The highest selling item, Young Buck’s diamond encrusted 615 Cashville chain went for $12,000.00, which Buck promptly bragged on Twitter that he had bought back himself.

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