Halle Berry Upset Over Her Baby’s Daddy Spending Habits, Friends Say He’s Living Off Her Child Support



Halle Berry is upset that she’s having to front the bill so that her ex, Gabriel Aubry, can live the good life off of her 20K a month..  From Star Magazine

Halle Berry’s unemployed baby daddy, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, doesn’t know much about making money – but he sure knows how to spend it.

In June, a judge ordered the Oscar winner to pay her ex $20,000 a month in child support. Apparently you need an allowance like that when spend $11,000 on your daughter’s fourth birthday party – as Gabriel bragged in court, according to a source. He dropped ‘a thousand on the cake alone,” says the insider. “The money Gabriel spent would pay for an entire year of preschool!”

Beautiful Halle, 45, has been supporting her lazybones ex, 36, since they split in April 2010, and, as the friend points out,”it is really hard for her to watch how he spends money that he didn’t earn.” To add insult to injury, Gabriel doesn’t even take modeling jobs when he’s offered them. “He just lives off Halle,”says the friend.

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