Will And Jada Smith At War On How To Parent Willow?


The rumor-ville has been buzzing that Will and Jada are at odds over the way Willow is being raised… 

Star Magazine reports:

“Willow has been acting out like crazy over the past few months, pulling all sorts of attention-getting stunts like dying her hair green, getting a fake tongue piercing and ranting on Twitter.”

“Will is fed up. He is all for self expression but thinks it’s too much, too soon.”

“Jada thinks Willow is a brilliant budding artist, and she’s doing everything in her power to push Willow’s showbiz career like a crazy stage mom”

The Star’s source insists Will is “very private and is mortified that Jada encourages Willow to share her innermost thoughts on social-networking sites,” and adds Will is “worried about a public meltdown.”

Stay Tuned.