Meet The Parents: Jay Electronica Plans To Introduce His Mother To Kate Rothschild


Jay Electronica might be sprung or very strategic as he’s planning to have his mother meet his manager girlfriend, Kate Rothschild… 

The Daily Mail  reports:

Kate Rothschild’s relationship with hip-hop star Jay Electronica is hotting up – the rapper has moved into a new flat a stone’s throw from Kate’s home and introduced her to his mother.

The heiress to the Rothschild banking dynasty, 30, who I revealed split with millionaire financier Ben Goldsmith, 31, over her affair with New Orleans-born Jay, is living in her marital home in Kensington, West London, with her three young children after her husband stormed out.

But now she’s set to see a lot more of her 35-year-old lover who until now has been living at a property in Belgravia.

And this weekend she was due to meet Jay’s mother, Marilyn Flowers, who is over from the US and is apparently keen to meet his new girlfriend.

‘Jay wants his mum to meet Kate and has arranged a dinner for them,’ says my informant.

‘He has also got himself a place in Kensington, presumably so that he can be closer to Kate.’

Rothschild, who runs a record label that represents Electronica, is said to be smitten with him and has said he ‘has saved my life in many ways’.

She has also told friends that she was in a miserable marriage.

Stay Tuned.