Steve Harvey Says Think Like A Man Sequel Will Not Endorse Buffoonery


Steve Harvey is dead set against keeping the ratchetness out of his Think Like A Man franchise.


The radio host and author says has already turned down two scripts for the Think Like a Man sequel because he refuses to allow for any buffoonery… 

Steve tells Access Hollywood:

“They pitched a couple of storylines to me. I’m not sold on any one of them yet. I’d love to duplicate the success of the first one. That’s going to be hard but we’re going to get there.”

“You can’t take my book and turn it into anything close to buffoonery. I’m not ever going to allow that. The book wasn’t about buffoonery. The first movie wasn’t—and it really struck a nerve with men and women—and so the second movie has to be in that same vein.”

Stay Tuned.