The Irony: Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Goes Off On Wayne’s Jumpoff For Being A Basic Heaux



After Lil Wayne’s most recent jumpoff put his sleeping picture online, the mother of all jumpoffs – had a few choice words to offer the obvious newbie.. 

Apparently,  Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans felt some kind of way about her favorite rapper with benefits getting blasted online.

In a series of drunken Tweets, that have since been deleted, Karrine offers the groupie some lessons in mastering the craft.

@KarrineandCo: You new heauxz need a book and I see I’mma have to write it.

@KarrineandCo And now, you chix are gonna get fucked and kicked out cuz a nigga can’t even fall asleep around you basics.”

@KarrineandCo U new heauxz don’t even know the rules, fucking up the game & wonder why they always fux w/ their old bitches.

@KarrineandCo: I’mma need you to fuck bitches who have better titties. Thank you.

@KarrineandCo: Looking like a 5th grader all about the face and chest….”

Stay Tuned.