Oprah Winfrey’s Stepmother Plans To Bring The Winfrey Family Down In Court


Just one week after Oprah purchased her father’s barbershop at a foreclosure auction and returned it to him, Vernon Winfrey’s pending divorce from his estranged wife and former business partner Barbara Winfrey has just taken a turn for the worse. 

RhymeswithSnitch reports:

During court hearings for Vernon and Barbara’s divorce, Barbara testified that Vernon once chased her around their house with a gun and threatened to kill her. Barbara also claims Vernon has cheated on her numerous times throughout their 12 year marriage and that Oprah is trying to force her out of their $1.5 million marital home because the title is in Oprah’s name.

Vernon accuses Barbara of ‘inappropriate marital conduct’ and cited irreconcilable differences for dissolution of his marriage.

Barbara Winfrey is seeking alimony.

Stay Tuned.