Gabrielle Union Says She’s Hurt About How She’s Been Portrayed As A Homewrecker



Gabrielle Union speaks out on how her image as a homewrecker has hurt her career. 

Reports have been circulating that Union was instrumental in Dwyane Wade’s divorce from his wife Siohvaughn and Gabby says the rumors have hurt her career.

In a recent interview with T.T. Torez Gabby admits,

“It’s hard because, aside from loving him, I want to protect myself. I’ve built my life. I built my own brand. I built my career and my career took a hit from that madness because some people refuse to see the truth, even when it’s presented to them time and time again. I love him but at some point it’s about self preservation.”

“I pay for my family. I pay for my mommy and my daddy and my sisters and her family. ‘D’ doesn’t write those checks, I do, so when something is starting to affect the way I make a living, ‘no no no baby,’ let me figure out a way for me to protect our home that me and Dwyane have with the kids.”

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