Tamkea Raymond’s 11 Year Old Son Suffers Serious Injury, Said To Be Brain Dead



It’s a been an extremely tough weekend for Tameka and Usher Raymond.

Tameka’s 11-year-old son has been declared brain dead by doctors following the accident yesterday when he was struck by a jet ski. 

TMZ Reports:

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s 11 year old son Kyle Glover was critically injured a jet ski accident on Lake Lanier on Saturday. Kyle and a friend were being pulled in an inner tube when a 38 year old man on a jet ski crashed into them.

Tameka, who was not in town at the time, was flown home on a private jet chartered by Usher, who remains by her side.

Tameka posted a call for prayer on her Facebook page and a message for Kyle to be strong.

“Kyle, You are strong.. You’ll be saved I know it. I love you my baby. I need all #Prayers for my son! thanks you everybody!”

Unfortunately, according to sources, Kyle Glover (son of Usher’s estranged wife Tameka Foster) has not experienced any brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital. We’re told there has been no decision yet as to whether or not to take him off life support.

Stay Tuned.