Eve Says Label Drama Keep Her Album Delayed, Explains How Interscope Kept Her Music Hostage


With a full decade since the release of her last project, Eve is more than ready to drop her new album.

The femcee is also ready to tell her fans what the real issue has been over all these years.. 

Eurweb reports:

“I need another word for frustration,” she tells Time.com. “I’ve completely gone past frustration 100 times. It’s like with anything that you create — you just want to put out. Because it’s been so long for me, music has changed so much. It’s beyond frustration. I just really can’t wait till this record is out.”

She blames Interscope Records, which she left in 2010, for the extreme delay. 50 Cent also recently expressed his irritation with the label and even proposed leaving soon.

“It was delays on the label side — I’ve switched management, I’ve switched labels, I’ve switched lawyers,” the MC states. “And this was over years. And now I feel like the dust has finally settled and the team that I have now is the right team. Sometimes that’s all it takes, for the stars to be aligned and the dust to settle. And I think we’re there now.”

So this might mean Eve could step back on the scene in full force and give those new chicks a run for their money.

Stay Tuned.