Family Drama? Oprah Winfrey Bails Out Dad; Father’s Wife Says Oprah Needs To Stay Out Of Their Business


Sometimes having a famous and affluent family member will have its downfalls.

It seems Oprah Winfrey caused some major family drama between her father and his estranged wife after Oprah bought her father’s barber shop to help out in their foreclosure.. 

RhymesWithSnitch reports:

Oprah’s father Vernon Winfrey has been cutting hair in Nashville for almost 50 years and moved into a brand new shop co-owned by his wife last year.

The new shop went into foreclosure and when it went up for auction, Oprah bought the property and gave it to her dad, infuriating his wife, because now Oprah is the one calling the shots.

Vernon’s wife Barbara told the local news she was in the process of getting another loan when Oprah butted in.

“I know what is going on. I’m tired of it, and I’ve had enough,” Barabara says “There is no reason for it to go into foreclosure like this. The property is upside down, which is what a lot of properties are. It cost us $481,000 to build this building, but it’s only worth $350,000.”

“People are giving him wrong advice, and it’s leaving me in a situation where all I can do is fight for me.”

“He believes what he’s told. His daughter doesn’t care about the community. His daughter doesn’t care about the barbershop. But I do.”

For his part, Vernon explains why he didn’t sign off on the second loan,

“My wife and I, we have not been getting along well, and I did not want to endow myself to another drawn-out, struggling debt.”

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