Stay Feuding: Chris Brown Taunts Drake At A Club About His Bottle Throwing Ways


While Chris Brown’s new album Fortune dropped today – it seems that most are more interested in Chris’s feud with Drake.

And C Breezy is seems happy to continue milking the incident.

As reported by MSDTV, Chris dropped a remix on Chief Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’ where he spits:

“A fuck ni**a that’s that shit I don’t like/ They throwin’ bottles I’m throwin’ models / just  cause I give a bitch long pipe / Doing shows on the soccer field that’s dome right? /I be singin’ he be singin’ so it’s on right/ But hold up I ain’t give a ni**a no green light/ This head up my bread up / one-on-one what you scared bruh?/ Matter fact take care bruh/ you a pu**y ni**a/ My ni**a Tunechi yeah that ni**a nice/ Shout out to Nicki man that ass tight/ Them eyebrows man them shits is yikes/ OVO you overdosed screamin’ YOLO no I live twice/

Not too long after the record dropped, Chris was in the same club with some of the Young Money crew and had the DJ play the diss track.

From Rumor Fix

A witness inside Hollywood’s Supperclub tells RumorFix exclusively, “They played Chris Brown’s diss about Drake and Chris’ whole section got crazy and he mouthed the whole part; it was funny.”

The insider tells us this all went down while Drake’s manager and several Young Money executives and artists were inside the same nightclub. “Young Money was on the opposite side of the room. Drake wasn’t there but his manager was, and executives Mack Mane and Cortez Bryant. They didn’t do anything though.”


Stay Tuned.