Mindless Behavior Apologizes To Lauryn Hill For Their Disrespectful Comment


Boys will be boys.

And the R & B boy group Mindless Behavior lived up to their moniker at the BET Awards when they decided to follow through with a tasteless joke about Ms. Lauryn Hill’s tax drama. 

As reported by MSDTV,  Mindless Behavior presented the award for Best Female R&B with Mike Epps, and joked around at the podium before announcing the nominees.

Unfortunately the jokes got out of hand when Mike Epps began singing terribly and Ray Ray of Mindless Behavior said, “You sing bad. Like Lauryn Hill tax accountant bad.”  People in the audience gasped at the off color commentary – and even Beyonce made a few remarks on it when she later picked up her award.

Today, the group apologized via Twitter, saying:

“We meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. We’re big fans and hope you’re not mad! #peace -MB”

Although we can’t blame Mindless Behavior for reading a teleprompter, the BET writer is undoubtedly hearing the backlash from his/her bad judgement.

Stay Tuned.