Cissy Houston Plans To Reveal Whitney’s Enablers In New Book

Cissy Houston is gearing up to release a whirlwind of drama on her daughter enablers.
The mourning mother plans to name names of people she feels wrecked Whitney’s  life in her upcoming tell all. 

…in her book -to be published by Harper Collins in February 2013- Cissy will name the people who destroyed Whitney’s life, and the people who drove a wedge between her and Whitney,” said the family insider.

“Cissy also says she’ll deal fully with Whitney’s addictions to crack, pills, marijuana and booze. She’s telling friends, ‘I know Whitney is looking down on me and saying, “Do what’s necessary to tell my story – nobody can hurt me anymore.”

The source claims Cissy never intended to reveal these secrets but she’s broke and Whitney left everything to her daughter Bobby Kristina.

Stay Tuned.