Chicken Wrap Fiasco: Mary J. Blige Explains How Burger King Took Advantage Of Her


After all the slander and ruckus had finally died down about Mary J. Blige and her Burger King commercial disaster, Mary decided she could finally open up as to what went down. 

Yesterday, Angie Martinez took to the airwaves and asked Mary about the Burger King ad, where she literally sang for her food. Mary said the ad she was pitched was supposed to feature her presented in an iconic light singing about the ingredients in the new chicken sandwich.

In the interview, Mary J.  explains that infamous line, “What’s in that new chicken wrap?” was her literally asking the producers of the shoot the ingredients because she couldn’t remember them. It was Burger King who took that part, sped it up, and threw it in the commercial. Mary maintains she would never do something to disrespect or degrade our culture the way people thought she did.

The singer said she was heartbroken by the comments and she took it as a learning experience as to who were her true friends.

Check out the video below.

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