Prometheus Screenwriter Pokes Fun At Tyler Perry’s Science Fiction Movie Aspirations [Photo]


Tyler Perry is learning the hard way that you simply can’t do it all.

And even when you think you can, your industry peers will undoubtedly put you in check. 

While promoting the upcoming Madea Witness Protection, Perry told

“I love Sci Fi, I love the Alien movies and the Alien franchise. I was very disappointed with Prometheus, but I love that whole franchise. Those are my favorite movies. I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now.”

Twitter responded to Perry’s sci-fi ideas offering titles like “Madea Goes To Mars” and “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Prometheus All By Myself.”

Then Damon Lindelof, the screenwriter for Prometheus, added his thoughts via twitter saying:

“I, for one CANNOT wait to see “Tyler Perry’s Better Than Prometheus.”  Then for good measure, Lindelof sent the following pic (courtesy of  Planet Pulp) titled “EXCLUSIVE SET PHOTO From “Tyler Perry’s Madea Killed Space Jesus”:

Lindelof finished saying:

“Okay. Moving on now. Tyler Perry is entitled to his opinion, and I respect him for sharing it.”

Stay Tuned.