LL Cool J To Release Thirteenth Album, Says He’s Bringing Authentic Hip-Hop Back


LL Cool J has been racking up Hollywood money through sitcoms and movies but it appears he can’t stay away from a microphone.

The actor/rapper recently announced at a press conference that he has been in the studio working on a new album. The album will be made in lieu of his new digital partnership with My Connect:

I’m going to be doing a little bit of the album on the [My Connect Studio], make sure that it is official,” LL stated to the media.And as a matter of fact I started on my album too. It’s authentic Hip Hop, it’s the business…it’s 2012, so it doesn’t sound like it would sound if it were 10 years ago or 20 years ago, but it’s definitely official. It’s a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now. I think it’s crazy. It’s the business. It’s real.”

MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.