More Negative Images, Or A Reality Show Upgrade? Former Wives Have Their Say In “Hollywood Exes”


If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

VH1 may be sticking to their usual formula of over the top drama in there upcoming reality show – Hollywood Exes. 

Hollywood Exes will follows the lives of the ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Prince, Jose Canseco, Will Smith as they work to rebuild their lives and focus on their new wives.

As the show opens, Andrea Kelly is moving out to Los Angeles to get a fresh start and get away from the “R. Kelly’s ex-wife” stigma she faces in Chicago. Her friend Nicole Murphy introduces her to a group of women who include Mayte Garcia, Sharee Fletcher, and Jessica Canseco. Though all is well when the ladies first get together, things take a left turn as personalities start to clash.

Check out the a sneak peek of the premiere episode below.

Stay Tuned.