A NBA Finals Father’s Day: Chris Bosh’s Baby Mother Applies For Food Stamps


Miami Heat star Chris Bosh may be having a great father’s day with his team playing in the finals, but his baby mama doesn’t quite feel he’s that deserving. 

Gossip Extra reports:

As Chris Bosh prepares for the Miami Heat’s third game in the NBA Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, his baby mama has applied for food stamps, Gossip Extra has learned.

In her first interview about the legal battle that Bosh and former live-in galpal Allison Matthis have been waging in three states, Matthis’ lawyer tells me Orlando resident Matthis was laid off from her gig as a secretary in a construction company and this week applied for federal food assistance.

Matthis is also expecting to see her home go into foreclosure because the child support Bosh is paying doesn’t cover her mortgage.

Bosh pays $2,600-a-month in child support but according to state guidelines, someone like Bosh whose yearly salary is in the $18 million-range should be paying about $30,000-a-month.

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