Stay Scheming: Chris Brown Tells TMZ, “Ya’ll [Are] Full Of Sh*t!!!!”


Chris Brown has never been afraid to voice his frustrations on a public platform such as twitter.

The only problem is, he often rethinks his statements after the fact – and then usually deletes them. Too bad he didn’t delete his latest rant – as the R&B singer is now going after the media giant TMZ.

Apparently, C Breezy is not too fond of the way the site is reporting on the alleged fight between he and Drake that took place at a New York City club the other night.

Here’s what Chis had to say Twitter:

@tmz y’all full of shi*!!!! It’s insane how your stories are not informative at all and far from f*cking facts!

It’s really sad! All y’all in that office sit behind a desk and hide behind ur lives by trying to tarnish others! Good game!

The media will always try to slam dunk!!! But I win my games with lay ups! Godbless! #knowyourfacts

It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum,enraged,young black man you wanna portray me as. They did it to Mike.. I can handle it! #imdone

Yup. He’s gone on the deep end.

Stay Tuned.