Cat Fight? Star Jones Is Furious At Sherri Shepherd Because Of Friendship With Al Reynolds


Looks like The View‘s co-hosts has turned into their own hot-topic.

As reported by MSDTV, Al Renyolds had recently been going around bragging about being Sherri Shepherd’s NYC house sitter. Unfortunately for Sherri, Miss Star Jones doesn’t take too lightly to anyone supporting her dubious ex. 

The National Enquirer reports:

THE claws are out at “The View”! Ex-host STAR JONES is furious with current host SHERRI SHEPHERD because Sherri rented the top floor of her home to Star’s ex-husband, Al Reynolds!

Reynolds, 42, quietly moved into an apartment in Sherri’s four-story Manhattan townhouse months ago, sources say, and when Star found out, she hit the roof! “Real estate brokers who were working with Al found the apartment for him,” said a pal. “Sherri was surprised to learn her new tenant was Star’s ex-husband, but she didn’t see any reason not to rent to him. But Star thinks it’s a ploy by Al to get her attention. She’s fuming mad that Sherri is helping him ‘play games’ in her own backyard.”

“Star says she liked Sherri and thought they were becoming friends, but that’s all over now!” said the source.

“Star says she’d never want to be friends with someone who’s helping her ex diss her. In Star’s mind, this is ALL about her.”

Stay Tuned.