A Mistress Scorned? Kola Boof Releases Statement On How She Broke Up Djimon Hounsou & Kimora Lee Simmons


As reported by MSDTV, former Bin Laden sex slave, Kola Boof claims she is the reason that Kimorma Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou are ending their relationship.

Now the self-proclaimed mistress has released her statement regarding her affair with Dijmon Hounsou — and she does not hold back. 

Do you believe her? Check out her partial statement below on what exactly went down:


For four years (starting 3 weeks after Kimora Lee Simmons ‘faux’ West African wedding to actor Djimon Hounsou in the country of Benin)….I took part in an adulterous affair with Ms. Simmons’ man. I can honestly say that I slept with her husband more than she did the last four years.

It should also be noted that I had a sexual relationship with Mr. Hounsou many, many years prior to the ‘marriage’, before he even knew Ms. Simmons.

Djimon and Kimora of course have never been legally married. His only legal wife is a much older woman named Marie in France. Marie basically bankrolled him during his youthful model days. Djimon also has an African wife given to him by his tribe in Benin (and a set of children by her).

Today is June 14th, 2012. But a few months ago…my affair with Djimon caused so much strife within their coupling that Djimon Hounsou walked out on Ms. Simmons. (To be fair, financial issues also played a significant role, though I am not privy to information on that. I just know that Kimora deeply wounded Djimon one day by calling him a ‘broke nigga’–he told me and my adoptive Black American mother, Claudine Johnson, about it in late January).

I’m not sure what day exactly Djimon walked out for the final time (he had actually stayed gone from home a few times before the walk out)….but I do know that I was overjoyed…and not in the way you are expecting.

First of all….after Djimon left Kimora….I made it clear that I would never sleep with him again. Just as you saw published in my interview with the NY DAILY NEWS…I informed him that the only reason I had sex with him was to get revenge on Kimora. With their breakup, I didn’t (and don’t) want it anymore…


I was Djimon Hounsou’s “hooni-hoosi-hole” for 4 years. His nickname for me was “Tight Stuff.” That is what he affectionately called me.

I liked our sexual encounters just as much as he did. My thing was finding places to fuck outdoors (naked in just heels; I have my own ranch & lake with woods)…*this always terrified Djimon but he did it anyway….and Djimon’s thing was getting intense blow jobs; rough face-banging to the bottom of my throat to be exact. Djimon told me that Kimora was not sexually pleasing for him. He said she had been a real livewire before they got ‘ritually married’, but once they settled into life at home, she became boring and lazy about pleasing him.

Not to be cruel…but in the marriage…Djimon was really just an unemployed actor whose best career move had been becoming a glorified assistant and Nanny to Kimora and Russell.

He was not really the African King, but the ego-busted PROP for Kimora’s P.R. about her perfect life and family. So yes, Kimora was very lazy about taking care of Djimon’s very ferocious sexual appetite.
The one thing that Kimora DID DO that I was unable to do sexually—is provide threesomes with other women. She often treated him to one of her lesbian “babes” and Djimon really liked that a lot and tried to pressure me to do it but I refused. I told him that I would do it with two guys in the bed–but not two girls. I have to be the only woman in a sex act.
Still, I was Djimon’s “look forward to” piece…

WHY You Pissed At Kimora?

Kimora now claims I’m a delusional liar; an insecure “Pity” case. But I’ve known her for years!
I taught Kimora how to play Spades and Bid Wiss (two games that my Black American adoptive mother and I like to play all the time).

When I first knew Kimora, I really liked that she was tall like me and I liked her energy. She was a little ‘superior’ (thought she was better than the people of the Black community she exploited & got famous off). But I originally liked her and wanted to be friends.

I thought (and still think) that she’s beautiful, smart, funny and very positive spirited. But then
There is much here that I don’t want to say. But Kimora has a thing for “Pregnant women.” It’s a fettish…

If your interested in reading more of her statement go HERE .

Stay Tuned.