Tashera Simmons Explains Why She Finally Had To Give DMX The Boot


The last episode of VH1 Couples Therapy showed Tashera Simmons finally giving DMX the boot after 14 years of marraige.

Now that the show is over Tashera explains why she finally had to cut him loose.

ESSENCE.COM: Was deciding on the divorce a tough decision?

SIMMONS: I do still feel bad about getting a divorce, even after everything X put me through, because I took my vows very seriously. And, I know X is never going to love anyone the way he loves me, and I feel the same way about him. But [there] just comes a time when you give your all, and you know you gave your all, and it’s just time to move on. When you know [you’ve given] 100 percent, then I would say definitely consider divorce. Marriage wasn’t a joke for me… Regardless of what was going on, I still stayed loyal and faithful to my marriage. That’s why I can move on and feel really good right now because I know I gave my all to this marriage.

ESSENCE.COM: What are you looking for in your next relationship?

SIMMONS: Definitely someone who’s not so self-centered. I don’t say that in a negative way, but you know, X has a lot of issues. I can speak openly about it now, because, you know, everyone saw Couples Therapy, and they saw how X had a lot of childhood issues. So, I’m looking for somebody where we can meet halfway on everything, and it’s not always about that person…I don’t want someone to lose themselves in me either.

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