Is The War Over? Chris Brown & Rihanna Party It Up At A Club In NYC |Rumor|


It looks like the war may be over between Chris Brown and Rihanna – at least for the time being.

After their very public break – up, on going twitter war – and stare down at a club. It looks like the two are all smile and giggles nows.

From Page Six

Ex-lovers Rihanna and Chris Brown partied next to each other at Manhattan hot spot SL on Saturday — sparking further rumors of a reconciliation.

Despite the best efforts of her record label to keep them apart, Rihanna and Brown partied with their respective entourages — and exchanged many glances but few words — at the Meatpacking club until yesterday’s early hours.

A spy said, “After Chris made his way into SL with a group of friends, Rihanna pulled up with her own group of friends. The infamous exes sat far enough from each other to not be able to talk, but close enough to keep an eye on one another. Chris sent Rihanna two bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne. DJ Sinatra had both Rihanna and Chris dancing at their tables.

Stay Tuned.