Terrell Owens Harasses Baby Mama Over Texts About Child Support Payments


Terrell Owens hasn’t been playing nice with one of his baby mamas.

He refuses to pay child support – and text messages show he really thinks it’s a laughing matter. 

Terrell Owens has been sending his baby mama taunting messages and now she has filed a lawsuit against him for it.

Melanie Paige Smith amended her petition for contempt against Terrell Owens in Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday to include the following text,

“The other mothers got a dose of reality once my attorneys and judge explained by (sic) financial situation. … so you can only imagine wht’s gonna happen when we go 2 court.”

“Not looking 4 pity, sympathy, nothing! I’ve never said I was was broke. Tht’s what the media has said. Enjoy ur day.”

According to the document Terrell was ordered to pay Melanie $5,000 a month in child support but stopped paying back in December 2011.

Melanie is seeking $30,000 plus interest.

Stay Tuned.