Say It Ain’t So: Oprah And Michelle Obama Go To War Over … Beyonce?


There has been rumors of tension brewing between First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey — and now sources close to them explain it’s gotten worse and it’s all because of Beyonce Knowles.

DHK reports:

Sources say Oprah is furious about Beyonce having an all access pass to the First Lady, as the OWN Network founder must go through Michelle’s assistants to get to her. The topping on the cake is Mrs. Obama recently gave Beyonce a shout out during the First Lady’s appearance on “Good Morning America”.

Now, one insider says Oprah feels betrayed as she believes she played a major role in helping the Obama’s land their ticket to the White House. But that’s not all! The Big O is said to feel like Michelle Obama snubbed her during the promotion of Oprah’s book “American Grown”.

It’s a situation which Oprah believes all boils down to her being overweight. That’s because her size isn’t fitting in the First Lady’s health and fitness campaign, whereas Beyonce’s is.

Here’s what our insider had to say about the beef:

“Oprah viewed Michelle’s comments as a personal dig at her for being overweight, as opposed to Beyonce who looks fabulous just weeks after giving birth.

Oprah was there for the Obamas when they were local politicians, and now that they’ve become A-list celebs, she feels that she’s been pushed aside for Beyonce.

While she’s already endorsed Barack, Oprah will NOT be out cheering for him on the campaign trail. Oprah said, ‘Let Beyonce do it! I’m DONE!”

Stay tuned.