You Win Some, You Lose Some: Oprah Gets Stripped Of Her Executive Duties At OWN


Oprah Winfrey’s partners have had enough.

They are tired of not seeing a return on their money and have decided to strip Oprah of her executive duties at the network – effective immediately. 

The National Enquirer explains:
IN a humiliating power coup, OPRAH WINFREY has been stripped of executive powers at her struggling OWN network and now pals fear the worst is yet to come!

The media mogul was reduced to tears when her chief financial backer decided to curtail her control over the network she had worked her fingers to the bone to launch, say sources.

While Oprah retains her title of CEO, it’s in name only, revealed the insider.

“They now realize that she was too inexperienced to run the net¬work,” said the insider. “So she was stripped of her power. She’s no longer in a position to make executive decisions or hire staff without consulting top Discovery executives first.”

Stay Tuned.