Mary J. Blige Back Under Scrutiny For Not Making Good On Scholarships To Teens


After Mary J. Blige went on Angie Martinez’s show to clear her name for the charity blunder, she forgot to mention that in addition to owing the bank $250K she still owed 25 underprivileged students full scholarships that were never paid. 

RhymeswithSnitch reports:

Apparently FFAWN promised full 4 year scholarships to 25 underprivileged Bronx high school students but has not been fulfilling their obligations.

Checks written to colleges have bounced, several students are on the verge of being forced out of school and still others say they haven’t received any money in over a year and have been forced to take out loans.

There’s also an interesting connection between the failed scholarship fund and Mary’s ‘acceptance’ to Howard University back in 2010.

Apparently the Women’s Academy where Mary chose her scholarship recipients also gave her the infamous honorary GED she tried to use to bolster claims she’d been accepted to Howard University when she had not.

And the kicker? In exchange for the honorary GED Mary was supposed to appear at the school for a rally to encourage the students and the one time she showed up, she only stayed for a few minutes, complained of jet lag and left.

Stay Tuned.