Rumor: The Sister That Will Smith Will Never Introduce You To [Photo]


Did you know that Will Smith had a sister named Ellen?

Either did we – and word on the street is that Will doesn’t want you to know about her.

DiaryofAStreetKing reports (alleged picture is above):

Sources say the “Men In Black 3” star has put great effort into distancing himself from her. Know why? Smith is said to not want his fans and the public to know he’s related to a dark-skinned woman. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ellen’s biological twin brother Harry.

Here’s the tea telling why Will Smith is hiding his sister from the public eye:

“Will hates his sister Ellen, always says she’s too ‘ghetto’. She still lives out here in Philly. Will does hold her down, he pays her bills and shit, but he’s ashamed of her.

Will’s siblings – Harry and Ellen – are biological twins, but Harry is light skinned. Ellen has a very dark complexion.

Harry lives in California in a mansion. Ellen is married, and has a regular job in Philly. Ellen doesn’t fit Will’s image, she’ll tell you that’s why she isn’t out there in Hollywood.”

Stay Tuned.